5 Ways Negative Reviews Affect Your Business

The Internet has changed the way businesses market their products and services. It has provided an opportunity for businesses of all sizes worldwide to market their offerings quickly and easily. On the downside, the same internet can wreck a business in the form of negative reviews.

Bad reviews do not always mean revenue loss. They affect a business in many other ways.

This article will find out how negative reviews on the internet can affect your business.

1. Scare New Customers Away

According to TrustPilot, a global consumer reviews website, 89% of people read reviews online before buying a product or calling a business.

When a potential customer discovers your business online and is greeted with too many negative reviews, they are doubtful to contact you. In most cases, they would call your competitor who has better online reviews.

No matter how a potential customer discovers your business, 9 out of 10 times, they will check your business on the internet to read customer reviews.

2. Create a Negative Impression

Negative reviews have a psychological effect on people. By looking at negative reviews or low ratings, most people automatically assume a business to be terrible right away.

This perception in people’s minds is what is called online reputation. You may have spent years building your business, but most people judge it when they see the reviews.

3. Destroy Your Marketing Efforts

Bad reviews directly affect conversions. They negatively impact your lead generation strategies, be it PPC, email marketing, or SEO.

Even if a potential customer finds your advertisement on a billboard, they are more likely to google your business name to get a sense of its popularity.

Often, business owners increase their marketing efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of poor online reputation. This strategy would increase customer acquisition costs drastically and drain the marketing budget in no time.

Ideally, a business owner should focus on fixing negative reviews in such a scenario.

4. Result in Lower Organic Rankings

All customer review platforms on the internet, including Google, Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook, etc., run on an algorithm that ranks businesses with more positive reviews on top.

That means your business will rank very low in the order if it has a lot of negative reviews.

Besides, poor reviews on the internet can also negatively affect your SEO efforts. Google’s John Mueller confirmed that many negative reviews could potentially affect search engine rankings.

5. Lose to Competition

Negative feedback is the number one reason many businesses lose their new or existing customers to their competitors.

A customer would always choose a business that has more positive reviews. Having low ratings or no reviews, in most cases, results in losing new customers and revenue to your competitors.

Remember, most companies or businesses with an ocean of positive reviews on the internet partner with an online reputation management agency. Removing negative reviews and driving positive feedback is never a problem when working with experts.


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