Our service follows FTC compliant best practices that should not result in any issues, interruptions or problems with your review account. We follow and monitor the FTC website closely and make adjustments to ensure all best practices are always up to date on compliance.

Please see our pricing page. Our service was created by retailers for retailers, and we all know that being stuck in contracts is no fun, so we have only a month to month provision to ensure your satisfaction.

Yes, they can. However, our Money Back Guarantee ensures that if they do come back, we will continue work free of charge to keep them off permanently. 


Yes, this happens all the time as Google’s AI makes mistakes on what is real and what is not. The reviews you get through us are genuine and have a very low chance of being taken down compared to other services or trying to solicit them yourself. 

They could come off as fast as day 1. However, we typically see cadence in removals within the first 60 days.

Depending on your account and type of feedback, our average removal rate is anywhere from 35%-65% based on your recent amount. We are retailers at heart and strive for honesty above all else.. There is no service that can remove 100% of negative reviews and they would be dishonest if they promised to. 

We can go back as long as needed, however, all feedback services tend to favor newer reviews above older for removal consideration.

Depending on your account, there is a money back guarantee if nothing can be removed. It will be outlined in your terms of service if so. However, EVERY account has a Feedback Removal Money Back Guarantee which states that if a negative review comes back, we will ensure it stays off free of charge or your money back.

Yes. Bad reviews happen from time to time, it’s the nature of business and we as business owners cannot be perfect. However, we do have signals built into our software that will allow you to communicate with a customer potentially before they leave a negative review.

Our dashboard will display which emails and texts are successfully received and who left a positive review as a result.

We are a month-to-month service. You can cancel anytime. 

You have full access to your review dashboard which allows you to see trends and level 1 reports of your reviews. You are also able to respond publicly to reviews within our dashboard. 

You can populate Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and more all in one place!

Yes, our best practices are compliant with Google standards.

Currently we do not. However, integration with multiple CRM’s like HubSpot or integrators like Zapier are coming soon!