Top Doctor Review Websites to List Your Healthcare Practice

Patients have been using doctor reviews websites and rating platforms to search for doctors near them. According to an NRC research report, nearly 60% of interviewed patients said they chose a doctor based on positive reviews on the internet.

Most patients rely on physician review websites to validate recommendations from friends, family members, or even doctors.

If you are a doctor or market expert representing a healthcare practice, you must ensure that your practice is listed on the following doctor review websites.

Top doctor review websites

1. Google My Business

We listed Google My Business as number one because of its visibility on the first page of search results. Google ratings dominate every other doctor rating website with a lot of information, including addresses and photos.

When configured the right way, a Google My Business listing can do the job of a website.

2. Yelp

Yelp has been a reliable and trustworthy platform for healthcare and other local business reviews. Having a listing and a lot of reviews on Yelp help create trust in patients.

3. ZocDoc

Like Yelp, ZocDoc has been a reliable platform for medical reviews. ZocDoc allows patients to review doctors and works as an appointment booking platform. Being listed on ZocDoc with a good number of reviews help your practice get more appointments.

4. is an exclusive doctor reviews platform with over 1.7 million listings and more than 2.5 million reviews. Besides the review sites mentioned above, you must also ensure that your practice is listed on


HealthGrades has accumulated more than 10 million reviews over the years and remained one of the top doctor reviews sites in the United States. The website has a very high domain authority which allows it to rank on top in the Google Search results.

6. is an exclusive platform for medical and healthcare reviews. The website allows doctors to create listings and patients to review doctors.

7. WebMD Reviews

WebMD is the world’s most popular health and medical information portal. It also maintains a database of qualified doctors in the United States. WebMD Reviews isn’t popular as other doctor review websites. Having a profile there helps build trust and reputation.

Please remember that creating a profile on the above sites does not automatically boost your online reputation. Instead, it would help if you found ways to get more reviews on them to get a positive benefit.

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