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65% Negative Feedback Removal Rate
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Removed 10,000+ Negative Reviews

Relax. We fix negative reviews.

Our job is to remove fake, unwarranted and flat out wrongful reviews that hurt your business, period.

How It Works​

Think of us as an extension to your service team. We remove negative reviews and make room for more positive reviews.

Step 1: Search & Dispute

We search, find and identify all negative reviews and feedback against your business or organization. Our specialists are trained to audit each comment and utilize an arsenal of tactics to get as many negative marks removed from your history, 100% Guaranteed. We see 30%-60% of negative reviews come off in the first 60-90 days.

Step 2. Working Together

Our staff is comprised of ex-employees from Yelp, Google, Facebook and other consumer review e-sites. Using our experienced network of team members, we are able to submit disputes directly on your behalf to remove these negative reviews, feedback and comments immediately.

FeedbackClarity Negative Review Removal Agency
Working Together Remove Negative Reviews
FeedbackClarity - Negative Review Removal Agency

3. Gain More Positive Reviews

Get more reviews by reaching your customers directly via our email and SMS text service. We see our clients reviews improve by 247% within the first 30 days. Upload customer lists or send individual messages to each one for that white glove touch.

More About Feedback Clarity

Feedback Clarity is the leader in helping businesses maintain a positive online reputation and rank.

#1 Negative Review Removal Agency - FeedbackClarity
With 10+ years of experience running our own successful e-commerce businesses, we have been able to perfect the approach to sustainably repairing feedback that is 100% above board and compliant to many major review sites. We are now offering this very same approach, honed over 10+ successful years of disputing unethical comments and enforcing digital review compliance to you and your organization. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Questions? Email us at

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