Chicago Dental Arts

✅ Removed 13 Negative Reviews in first 60 days.
✅ Grew review count to over 100, resulting in 25% more patients finding them on Google.

Company Profile

Chicago Dental Arts is a small multi-office dental practice that’s built a loyal following of clientele over the years. Practicing as a family office, they know their patients intimately and provide white-glove service to ensure everyone has the best dental health possible. They rely on word of mouth as their number one driver of new patients, so they monitor their Google reviews very closely.

Challenge Faced

Chicago Dental Arts came to us with two challenges. For one, they see hundreds of patients annually and were expanding to open a new location, so they wanted to help with their visibility on Google Maps. Second, they found that people who never patroned their practice were leaving misleading reviews on their current Google page. This was hurting their rating and they feared that people would see these reviews and not want to come to their new location.

Our Solution

FeedbackClarity was happy to help take on this double challenge: Remove misleading reviews and get more reviews so the new location can rank at the top for Google Maps and search.

Chicago Dental Arts signed up with our Feedback Eliminator and Generator package to maximize their results. They flagged which reviews they were certain did not come from their patients and we got to work removing them the same day. Within the first 60 days, 13 non-patient reviews were removed!

At the same time, Chicago Dental Arts began to use our system to gain more reviews which helped their new location gain rank quickly as an up-and-coming star. They shared with us that their new office is getting a lot of new patients – all coming from Google searches! We are happy their business was doing well and thriving.

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