Frequently Asked Questions

We have built a large staff of ex-yelp, ex-google, and other review site team members who know the in’s and out’s of the very sites your reviews are posted on. While we have no magic wand to remove reviews, we do know how to speak their language to get the results we need.

Our typical success rate ranges between 40%-60% removal of negative reviews

There is no limit. We can work with 1 negative review or 1000.

We can guarantee to remove at least one review in the first 60 days of service. If we cannot, we will refund your last payment in full.

Each review site is different, but some reviews can come off in 24 hours. Others may take 7 days to just get an answer back if its removable or not. Typically most customers see reviews come off in the first 30 days.

Typically up to 90 day old reviews can be removed. Those older tend to be harder due to their aging.

Please fill out the form here and we will reach out with a quote

We are a monthly service managing your reputation. We charge on a monthly basis and fee.

We comply 100% to all review website rules, regulations, terms and conditions.

We are able to open new cases and fight on your behalf as many times as it takes.

Hire us – we specialize in just that. Most review sites employ lower level employees who just want to go about their day. Typically reviews don’t come off after just one try.

We consider ourselves as attorneys of the review world. We know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to remove a review, between communication style, wording and getting to the right people. You could do all of that, but it would take hours each day with probably little results if you tried.

You can cancel at anytime, just give us a heads up. If we were not able to remove anything and promised to, we will refund your final payment.

We start within 24 hours of you completing the onboarding for the review site you need.

You have full access to your review dashboard via the review site we are working on for you. You can track all reviews there live at anytime.

We do not have a dashboard as of current, however, we can always provide you with removal stats upon request.