How to Choose a Negative Feedback Removal Agency

If negative feedback on the internet about your product or service affects your business, partnering with a negative feedback removal agency can help improve your business’s online reputation. Since there are quite a few negative reviews removal solutions available, it can be pretty challenging for business owners to pick the one.

If you are actively searching for a negative feedback removal service, we recommend keeping these 5 points in mind before signing up.

1. Must Support a Wider Range of Business Review Platforms

A good negative reviews removal agency must support a broader range of business review platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, Amazon, Trustpilot, etc. The ability to support multiple business review websites is a sign of professionalism and expertise.

Most businesses have a presence on more than one reviews platform. For instance, a typical e-commerce seller who sells products on their website and Amazon has their customers leaving feedback on both the websites. Similarly, a local car dealership gets reviews on their Facebook, Google My Business, and other dealership-specific review platforms.

Hence, it’s always good to partner with an agency that supports many online reviews and rating platforms.

2. Should Be Capable of Removing Negative Reviews Quickly

Negative reviews are terrible for any business. They affect a business in many ways besides affecting its revenue. Negative feedback is one of the main reasons small businesses want to work with an online reputation management company.

When reaching out to a negative feedback removal agency like FeedbackClarity, check their capability of removing negative reviews quickly.

Keep in mind that many online reputation agencies don’t offer negative feedback removal as a feature. They rely on generating new reviews to hide the negative reviews and reduce their impact.

3. Must Generate a Lot of New Reviews

Negative feedback removal is good, and it solves some of your business woes. Generating more reviews is better. A lot of positive reviews for your business help you get many phone calls. They also help increase your business’s visibility on the internet.

Your new online reputation management partner should be able to generate new reviews periodically that are positive and real. Remember, some agencies use black hat techniques for getting reviews. Fake reviews will get deleted ultimately, and they increase the chances of getting your listing permanently removed.

4. The Service Must Be Affordable

Most negative feedback removal services are affordable. If you come across a service that quoted an exuberant amount of money to fix negative reviews problem, you need to reconsider your decision to work with them. Please make sure a solution’s pricing offers good value for money before partnering with them.

We recommend that you go with services that offer their service in a recurring plan over fixed. It ensures that you don’t have to invest huge money upfront. Such a service also allows you to terminate the contract whenever you want.

5. Choose a Local Service Provider

You will come across many ORM service providers from different parts of the world, especially from Asia. If you are an American businessperson, we recommend choosing a service provider based in the States.

Working with US-based reputation management professionals is that they know customer behavior and sentiments better. Furthermore, they are easy to work with and are available during your work hours for a quick review or discussion.

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