Main Street Real Estate

✅ Removed 12 Negative Reviews in first 60 days.
✅ Generated 23 positive reviews in 60 days.
✅ Increased natural search rank.

Company Profile

Main Street Real Estate is a very successful residential real estate brokerage firm with over 100 brokers that have done over 1000+ transactions helping people buy and sell homes. Their CEO is a passionate customer service-oriented leader who spends countless hours coaching his team to be the best they can be and help homeowners achieve their dreams.

Challenge Faced

Main Street’s team came to us with a unique situation at hand. Main Street started to get negative reviews from clients that were not actually theirs. They found that most of these reviews came from clients of another company with a similar name that was not even in the real estate space. Unfortunately, the other Main Street did not take care of their customers and those unhappy customers accidentally posted their negative reviews on the wrong page!

Our Solution

Main Street Real Estate is very customer driven and they wanted their Google rating to reflect their work. They signed up with FeedbackClarity for our Eliminator and Generator package in hopes they would be able to remove these fake reviews while at the same time getting more reviews that would showcase how many happy clients they had. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work! In the first 60 days our team was able to remove 12 fake negative reviews and at the same time got them 23 new positive reviews that stood at the forefront of their Google My Business page. Main Street’s name was restored again and is flourishing.

With the recent improvements, they started to rank top 3 businesses on Google under searches for “Chicago real estate group”. Beat that!

Main Street Real Estate Google

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