The Top 10 Review Websites for Lawyers and Attorneys in 2022

Lawyers and attorneys have always been among the highest-paid professionals in the United States and around the world. Some legal professionals and law firms struggle to find clients and make money. The number one reason lawyers find it difficult to be profitable is poor online presence or reputation. A couple of decades ago, people would choose lawyers based on recommendations from their friends and family. Most people nowadays turn to the internet to find and hire lawyers.

A Website Alone Is Not Enough 

A website is essential for any business, irrespective of its size. A website is vital for a law firm too. Having a website alone does not help you with leads and phone calls. The website must be discoverable in search engines such as Google or Bing. If not, you need to run Google Ads campaigns to attract the target audience. Will those website visitors convert into customers? Probably not. The reason is your website is just one piece of the puzzle. Check the following image to get an idea of a typical consumer buying process. 

Online Reviews Are Crucial for Your Law Firm’s Growth

More than 90% of people read online reviews of a lawyer or attorney before hiring one. Without a solid online presence with many positive reviews, it is tough for law professionals and law firms to attract new clients. 

So, how do you get more customer reviews for your law business? Step one is having a presence on the leading lawyer review websites. FeedbackClarity presents you with the ten best lawyer and attorney review websites to list your or your firm’s profile. 

1. Google My Business for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Law Firms 

Google My Business is a free business service from Google that allows any business to create a profile with an address, phone number, photographs, and other details. Google My Business is tightly integrated with other Google products such as Maps and Google Search to help people find local businesses fast. 

We listed Google My Business on top because of the several advantages over its competitors. Here are some of its pros.

  1. Free
  2. Helps find people your business’s address easily
  3. Appears on Google’s first page 
  4. Simple review/rating platform 
  5. Allows a business to display a lot of information, including hours 
  6. Helps businesses get more phone calls 

Using Google My Business is very simple. All you have to do is either create a listing for your law firm or claim it if a listing already exists. Fill up as much information as you can, including photographs of your business. Request your friends, family members, and happy clients to leave positive reviews on the business listing. 

2. is a well-known lawyers’ discovery and review website that has been there for a while. The website has over 1 million lawyers listed and attracts 25 million visitors a month. The website claims that nearly 95% of all American lawyers are listed in their database. 

How to get listed on

Go to and check your or your law firm’s name to check whether it is already listed in the database. Claim the listing if you find your profile. Contact the team if you need your profile listed. 

Unlike other platforms, has millions of visitors who are actively searching for legal professionals. A fully-completed listing on with a decent number of reviews can not only help build trust but also drive new customers to your law firm. belongs to the Martindale-Hubbel group that specializes in providing professional services, including marketing to lawyers. Martindale-Hubbel is a 150-year-old company based in New Jersey.

3. for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Yelp is a local business directory and reviews platform launched in 2004. Yelp is one of the pioneer websites that influenced and changed consumer behavior. Yelp gets more than 90 million visitors monthly. Yelp says nearly 97% of its visitors make purchases after visiting its website. 

Yelp Can Help Your Legal Business Get More Clients

A complete Yelp profile with a good number of reviews is beneficial for your legal business in building trust and gaining new clients. Besides, it also offers paid advertising opportunities for lawyers and other professionals to maximize visibility. 

How to Get Started With Yelp 

Yelp automatically creates a listing for local businesses based on zip code. Check whether your law business has a Yelp presence searching its database. Create a free business listing if you do not find your profile on Yelp. Enter as many details as you can, including photos. 

Plan to get some reviews from your past clients who were satisfied with your work. Additionally, you may request your friends and family to leave feedback. Don’t worry if the listing has a few bad reviews. Read our guide to fixing negative reviews

4. Avvo – Lawyers Directory and Free Q&A Platform

Avvo is another popular lawyers directory connecting legal professionals and people seeking legal help. It is one of the few lawyers-centric websites listed in this article. Avvo claims its website has a monthly viewership of over 8 million.

Getting Started With Avvo 

Avvo allows legal professionals to create a free listing. Check Avvo’s database and create a listing for your law firm if a profile does not exist already. 

Unlike other lawyer or attorney review websites, Avvo provides a questions and answers platform that allows legal experts to share their knowledge. This unique feature lets lawyers establish an authority, eventually increasing their online reputation. 

Avvo also offers a range of marketing services for legal professionals. The website is a part of the Martindale group. 

5. Facebook for Lawyers and Attorneys

Facebook has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses to increase visibility, engage with customers, and build a strong brand. Lawyers must not overlook Facebook and be active on it by posting regular updates. 

How Can a Facebook Page Help Your Practice?

The following are some benefits Facebook business pages offer to business owners.

  • It allows your customers to rate and review your law firm
  • It lets you display your business information like address, contact details, and photos
  • It creates a brand
  • It helps in building trust
  • It appears on top of Google search results when someone searches your or your business’s name.
  • Positive reviews will be displayed on the Google Search results page as rich snippets. 

Setting up a Facebook business page is free and easy. For driving more followers and engagement, hire a social media expert or invest in a social media automation tool. 

6. NOLO – A One-Stop Legal Network 

NOLO is an interesting entry in this list. It has a directory that connects people with the right lawyers. It also sells legal products and services to its audience. Besides, NOLO offers free articles on legal issues such as divorce, employment law, personal injury, immigration, and taxation. 

What Does NOLO Offer to Lawyers?

NOLO lets legal professionals in the USA create a basic or premium profile. A basic account ensures a professional profile on NOLO and the privileges to publish legal articles. Lawyers who opt for a premium NOLO account that includes network advertising and premium positioning. 

If you are a lawyer who shares legal knowledge on Quora or, you should also use NOLO as a content marketing platform. NOLO is a book/ebook marketplace too. It allows lawyers to sell their books to the right audience. 

Interestingly, NOLO belongs to the Martindale group as well.

7. Martindale-Hubbel Database of Legal Professionals

Martindale-Hubbel owns lawyers.con, AVVO, and NOLO. The group’s main website is a lawyers’ database too. Martindale-Hubbel group owns four lawyers directory websites that get millions of viewers every month. 

How to Get Started With Martindale-Hubbel

Reach out to Martindale’s customer team and schedule a demo with them. They will walk you through their products and services to help your law firm attract more clients. 

The company also provides marketing services such as lawyer website development,  PPC, lead generation, and reputation management. 

If you are not interested in their premium services, you can simply create or claim your profile and have your happy clients leave some positive reviews. 

Note that all four websites (Avvo, NOLO,, Martindale) in the Martindale group have their own databases and audiences. Make sure that your profile is active on all the websites. 

8. – Connecting Legal Professionals With Clients

Findlaw is a lawyers’ database, but it works differently from traditional review platforms. It’s a two-way marketplace that helps people find lawyers and lawyers find cases. As a legal professional, you must list your law firm’s profile on Findlaw to make the most of Findlaw’s large user base. 

A Complete Suite of Law Firm Services 

Findlaw offers a range of services for law firms to get more clients and grow. Besides providing a review platform for lawyers, Findalow also offers the following services.

  • Law firm website development
  • Reviews and rating
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Call answering services

Findlaw is also a great content marketing platform for legal professionals. If you are interested in publishing legal content such as articles, you must try Findlaw. 

9. Is a Unique Lawyers Finding Website is one of the unique services listed in this article. It helps people find lawyers based on the legal help needed. Unlike other lawyers finding apps and websites that only work as information repositories, LegalMatch collects the case details from users and matches them against their pool of lawyers and attorneys. 

How It Works

Any person seeking legal help needs to create a ‘case’ on their website with legal category, location, detailed information about the legal need, etc. Lawyers will have access to these legal cases. They can ask more questions, provide suggestions, or even send quotes. Clients can choose a lawyer and provide them feedback. 

How to Get Started

Contact LegalMatch to get information on membership pricing. Keep in mind that LegalMatch is not a free platform for lawyers. 

10. Better Business Bureau 

Better Business Bureau, also referred to as BBB, does not require a special introduction. The non-profit organization has been a forerunner when it comes to establishing marketplace trust. BBB accreditation does a world of good to your law firm. It not only improves your reputation but also builds great trust. 

How to Get BBB Accreditation 

You can go to and start the application process. Alternatively, you can reach out to the nearest Better Business Bureau office. Remember that your law firm needs to have a few basic prerequisites to be eligible for review. Most law firms can get accreditation by paying a fee. BBB charges a fee to cover the costs incurred for the review process. Most small businesses, including law firms, can get reviewed by BBB for $1225. 

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