Totality Medispa

✅ Removed 11 Competitor-Inflicted Negative Reviews.
✅ Improved Feedback Rating from 4.0 to 5.0.
✅ Generated over 100 positive reviews.
✅ Rank #1 for the search term “medi spa in daniel island.”

Company Profile

Totality Medispa opened its doors in the Charleston area only a few years before coming to FeedbackClarity. Led by a world-class surgeon, Totality Medispa quickly became the gold standard for all outpatient medical spa procedures and services focusing on high-end clientele and providing a luxurious experience to all.

Challenge Faced

Totality Medispa came to us with a simple problem: their competitors were unhappy with their recent and new success and were purposefully leaving negative reviews to try to hurt Totality’s reputation and business. They wanted to avoid the expensive legal route and see if the reviews could be taken down. At the same time, being a newer business, they only had 30 or so reviews and wanted to 10x that. They were seeing a lot of patients but people were forgetting to leave reviews.

Our Solution

Totality Medispa joined FeedbackClarity’s Eliminator and Generator package. We removed all of their fake competitor reviews in a short amount of time. It took a lot of back and forth with Google, but we presented evidence that the reviews were not warranted. While doing so, Totality leveraged our software to survey all of their clients and their reviews grew quickly, as did their Medispa! They now rank #1 for the search term “medi spa in daniel island”.

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